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Creative Ideas for Concrete Acid Staining in Boca Raton

Since concrete is a posh flooring material, it is an excellent option to choose as it complements your indoor decor. Mostly, the base of any newly-constructed home is made of concrete and can be enhanced with the application of acid stain. Concrete acid staining of Boca Raton is a technique being applied in improving the quality of concrete floors. Basically, concrete is a great material for both indoor and outdoor flooring as it is low-maintenance and resilient enough to withstand almost any type of weather condition.

There are various methods by which acid stains can be applied on concrete floors. These procedures add color, depth and texture to the floors, thus making them appear cleaner and more attractive. Should you plan to upgrade the value of your concrete floors, here are some great acid staining ideas:

  • Plain Flat Color

The application of acid stain on concrete flooring can follow any distinct color as desired by the owner. There are a wide variety of shades to choose from – ranging from dark to light colors. Plain flat color is the easiest acid staining method as it does not require any mixing or designing. With the use of an acid stain sprayer, one color is applied on the floor evenly to achieve a glossy appearance.

  • Multiple Colors

For those homeowners who want to have a touch of different shades on their floors, multiple colors can be used in the process of acid staining. A spectrum of hues is sprayed on the floor to appear like an abstract work of art. The mixture of colors is crucial because these need to complement each other.

  • Damaged or Cracked Effects

Acid staining on concrete floors can be applied in such a way that cracks and damages are produced. These designs are actually done on purpose so that the flooring would appear as if it has been abused for a number of years or it follows a theme like that of an antique house. Also, cracked effects are influenced by marble tiles. With acid staining, concrete floors look like a replica of expensive marble floors at just a fraction of the price. Through acid staining, concrete floors look more elegant and sophisticated.

  • Texture on Surface

Once acid staining is done, additional designs can be added to the surface of the floor to produce a different texture. This is actually a way to keep floors accident-free such as those in the kitchen and bathroom. To achieve an attractive surface, rollers and brushes are used to imprint or accentuate the stain while fresh and still wet. Add-ons such as pebbles and stones can also be stamped on the edges of concrete floors for further trimming and enhancement. This applies to landscape gardens with concrete floors embedded on grass.

Concrete acid staining of Boca Raton is absolutely a brilliant flooring design option. This is a very affordable way of improving concrete floors as compared to marble and ceramic tiles installation. With just a minimal expense, your floors are enhanced beautifully and the value of your home is also increased.

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How to Clean Stained Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a beautiful stone and just like marbles they are also perfect to design countertops, floors and other parts of the house. Basically, terrazzo is made with two parts of marble and one part of cement. Then, some marble chips were added that sprinkle on the surface. Typically, the surface of the terrazzo is composed of at least 70% of marble. Terrazzo need proper care and treatment in order to keep them beautiful. The following are some basic tips on how to clean stains on terrazzo surface.

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How to Polish Terrazzo

Keeping the terrazzo floor clean can be done simply by just sweeping the floor, however the regular flow of traffic on the terrazzo floor could make the floor dull in no time. In order to make the terrazzo floor look bright and shiny again, you might need to polish it with a good polishing solution. Polish the dull terrazzo floor and then buff it using a neutral cleaner. Do not use acid base chemicals in cleaning the terrazzo because acid can harm its surfaces. Clean any spills right away to prevent permanent marks and discolorations.

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Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete floor polishing is hot, everywhere you look you see it. When you go to Home Depot or Lowes or even go into your favorite burrito shop, concrete floor polishing is a great way for someone to save money over the long run. There aren’t any grout lines and the shine can be amazing. Why should someone consider concrete floor polishing? Or if you are someone who is really into this green movement. Continue reading “Concrete Floor Polishing” »

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Terrazzo floors is more challenging than expected

Homeowners with Terrazzo floors often find themselves with this dilemma: the flooring, which was once very glossy, is now drab and dismal. Most homeowners would attempt to make the floors shiny again by purchasing commercial polishing products from the stores and undertaking a do-it-yourself Terrazzo Polishing project. Unfortunately, these individuals soon learn that restoring the luster of Terrazzo floors is more challenging than expected. They also realize that the only way to bring back the brilliance of the Terrazzo flooring is through professional services. Continue reading “Terrazzo floors is more challenging than expected” »

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Restoring Natural Stone such as Granite and Marble

One of the most prolific personalities of the stone industry was Maurizio Bertoli. One can even consider Maurizio as a ‘cornerstone’ of modern stone care. He had been around in the stone industry since the age of 16, working part-time as a marble-setter in Parma, Italy while pursuing college at the same time. Since then, he had contributed to various parts of the world his extensive knowledge on petrography and natural stone chemistry. Continue reading “Restoring Natural Stone such as Granite and Marble” »

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Marble Stains : Crema Marfil Kitchen Countertops

With its classy light beige color and the warm impression it emanates, Crema Marfil Marble is one of the best choices of homeowners to put in their homes.Installation of Crema Marfil is the same with any other marble, it is advisable to provide Crema Marfil some extra length and thickness to make room for damages it can sustain from delivery. Attach the countertop in place with 100% clear silicone caulk adhesive. This will not discolor the marble. Continue reading “Marble Stains : Crema Marfil Kitchen Countertops” »

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General questions on all kinds of stones: How to Fix Scratch?

All natural stones are porous. You might even consider them as hard sponges: they are strong and durable, but they are capable of absorbing liquids, even dissolved salts and other minerals. Granite is one of the denser natural stones, but it still takes in liquid. The ability of a natural stone to absorb liquids compromises its structure. This is why stone sealing is required.

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Marble Polishing Miami

If you find that your marble floor had small white patches, it could be the result of marble stunning. Marble stunning occurs when little explosions occur in the crystals of the marble, because of concentrated pressure applied in that area.


Women walking on marble wearing heels are a common cause of stunning. It can occur in aragonite or calcite stones. The size of crystal determines the visibility of stunning. The smaller the crystals, the less visible it is, and vice versa. Stunning could either be localized in the area where it occurred or can run deep into the stone. Marble polishing will require grinding. Look into Marble Polishing Miami for more information on stunning and marble polishing.

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