Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete floor polishing is hot, everywhere you look you see it. When you go to Home Depot or Lowes or even go into your favorite burrito shop, concrete floor polishing is a great way for someone to save money over the long run. There aren’t any grout lines and the shine can be amazing. Why should someone consider concrete floor polishing? Or if you are someone who is really into this green movement.Concrete is considered green. Unlike tile or marble it originates in some factory or quarry far away that requires petroleum to get it to the place you will end up buying it from. Also there is the energy that is being used to make the final look and product. There are probably a bunch of other reasons as well, but you have found this article because you are considering having someone do a concrete floor polishing job for you!


Colonial has been doing concrete floor polishing now for over 10 years and we have a lot of long term employees that know the ins and outs of concrete floor polishing techniques. Not all floors can be polished the same way. There are many factors to consider, for instance when the floor was poured did it cure properly? Is the concrete now brittle and when you touch it does white powder come up. Is the slab cracked, can you live with a floor that has a crack in it that might go through the center of the house. This is usually the case for someone that is really looking for the Soho loft look where you can see the holes filled and the cracks in the floor or even better yet for this type of person the spider web crack look. Like I said, there are so many factors to consider. You might be the type of person that wants it to look perfect and uniform, I can tell you now if you have holes in you floor they are going to need to be filled and the concrete that will be placed in it for the repair will not have gone through the same aging process so therefore it will be impossible for the exact match. This is when a client should consider micro topping where we can apply many thin layers of specialty formulated concrete to the floor and build it up to be smooth. At this point you can decide what color you want. After the floor looks like how you want it to be then its time for the sealer and wax. It’s an easy floor to maintain. It is shiny, it’s modern, and it is considered green.

Since we service the South Florida area I have to mention that if you have terrazzo on your floor you should consider restoring the terrazzo flooring. It is horribly expensive to install and a lot of people these days are asking there real-estate person to show them houses with terrazzo flooring, the floor is considered Mid Century Modern. I just love the sound of that mid century modern, it sound shic! Once again if you have terrazzo which by the way is 2/3 marble chip to 1/3 white portland cement have us restore it and bring it to an amazing high shine. You will be restoring a great floor that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. I can easily say that but it is the truth. If you ever been to a house that has amazing terrazzo floors the first thing that comes out of peoples mouth is “wow. what is this floor called” because most of us are from other states that don’t use terrazzo. But when there wasn’t air conditioners terrazzo was one of the key elements on keeping the house cool. Wow, that’s pretty green flooring helping to reduce the AC costs?

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