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Concrete Floor Repair: Steps in Staining Your Floor

If you are tired of looking at your gray concrete floor which you keep covering with rugs and mats, then perhaps it is time for staining and does not really need absolute concrete floor repair. It’s an easy do-it-yourself job, but then it also involves substances like hydrochloric acid, which is the main ingredient in some staining mixtures. So you might want to rethink it and call a professional.

But if you really sense you can do it, then here are the steps in staining your concrete floor:

  • Clear the area and remove all furniture and rugs from the space you want to stain. Cover your walls to protect them from the stain.
  • Next is to do concrete floor cleaning. Clean the floor thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust, and follow it up with a wet rag soaked in water with mild soap. If you have a cleaning product specially formulated for concrete, you can use mop to apply it. Then you have to dry the floor completely before moving on to the next step.
  • It is now time to mix your stain mixture, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specifications. It is a good idea to do that outside the house for a good ventilation.  You do not want to inhale the hydrochloric acid in the staining mixture. Also, do not forget to wear protective gears which are recommended by the manufacturers. Use a basic pump style garden sprayer to mix your stain, and always add the acid stain to the water, not water to acid. After checking that your sprayer sprays correctly, you are now ready to start staining your concrete floor.
  • Now you can apply the concrete stain by pumping the stain into the concrete. Use even strokes to be sure that the surface is coated completely, but also be sure not to make puddles. After you have sprayed the whole area, allow the first coat to completely dry before you spray the second coat. You can add more coats until the floor reaches the color that you want.
  • To add more protection to your newly stained concrete, you have to seal the concrete. Sealing it also enhances the floor’s finish. You have successfully stained your concrete floor, so sealing it would be easier for you. Use a paint roller, preferably that with a synthetic fiber rather than a cotton fiber to avoid streaking and uneven application. Apply a thin coat of the sealer several times until you have your desired finish.

Of course, don’t forget to do concrete floor polishing. Now, you have a brand new, attractive, and shiny concrete floor. All you have to do is wait for it to completely set and dry before you move your furniture back in. You don’t even need to bring back your rugs and mat anymore.

If you like the result of your do-it-yourself concrete floor staining, you might like it even more when you contact experienced professionals especially if there are cracks on your floors. You can just sit back and enjoy while these concrete floor repair specialists will do the job for you.

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