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Marble Floor Repair Tips for Minor Cracks

A newly installed marble floor has a finish that is reflective and glossy, so much so that it can look like a mirror when viewed from certain angles. This gives an amazing effect to any place where the floor is installed. Indeed, marble floors gives any room a stylish and luxurious appearance. However, with normal use and with the passage of time, the glossy finish can become dim. The luster is lost when the tiles collect scratches, and the surface becomes dull. If you have plans of selling the house, the marble becomes a problem. At this point, cleaning and even polishing cannot solve it. The cracked, scratched or chipped areas look dirty or simply stand out. The only solution is marble floor repair.

You can actually do the repair yourself by following these tips. First you have to clean the area; clean up any dirt or dust. This will ensure that the repair will stick properly to the marble. Since the stone is porous, you will have to remove any dirt or dust in its pores, which can be done by scrubbing the surface with a bristle brush and water. Sweeping will not be enough. Next, use marble compounds designed to patch up cracks on the floor. Make it a point to read and follow the instructions on the label.

Marble floor restoration also includes repairing scratches, which is a much simpler method. Usually, a fine grit sandpaper can remove light scratches. Deeper ones require more sanding work for the scratches to be removed. Begin with coarse grit sandpaper and switch to finer grit as the scratches become lighter. Put some water once in a while to avoid damaging the marble and reducing friction. When the scratches are gone, polish the area with wet or dry sandpaper, anywhere between 400 and 600 grit. Apply a mixture of water and tripoli (rottenstone) using a power sander. Then marble floor polishing is done by removing the mixture and buffing the marble surface with a soft cloth.

Scratches and cracks are only some of the problems where marble repair is needed; you can do these yourself. Cracks and chips are a different story. These problems in fact are too difficult for regular folks to fix. You will have to consult a marble restoration expert as to what needs to be done. Do not attempt to repair major damages to your marble floor. It may be the cheaper option but there is no guarantee on the results; you may succeed or you may fail, and the finish may not last as long as it should.

Professional marble floor repair is the best solution for any marble damage. It may cost you but the results will be definitely worth it and the repairs are guaranteed to last. It is also interesting to note that cleaning and polishing can also be done to your floor. This way, your investment will look shiny and new again, and the repairs will very difficult to spot. There is nothing like the feeling of having a beautiful home.

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