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The Do-It- Yourself Marble Floor Restoration Steps

When your marble floor was just installed, you loved its glossy finish which reflected the light streaming in through your windows. After a few years, however, your marble floor lost its luster and all you could see was a room full of dull marble tiles filled with scuff marks. Replacing your marble floor would cost you money, but fortunately all you need would be a marble floor restoration to bring back your marble floor to its original shine and finish.

If you are one of those who does not shirk from manual labor, then you may do the marble floor cleaning and restoration yourself. You have to prepare the tools and the products that you are going to need to successfully do the job. You are going to need a utility knife, brush, prybar, notched steel trowel, orbital sander, rotary tool, carbide blade, a grinder, thin set mortar, silicon-carbide sandpaper, lint-free cloth, sponge, polishing pad, grout, grout float, marble polish, stone sealant, and broom.

If you are going to restore a large flooring area, you can replace the orbital sander and the grinder with a floor sander which must be equipped with sanding and buffing pads. And don’t forget to wear safety goggles and work gloves to prevent injury to your eyes and hands. Also, dust would be flying during the process, so you have to wear a dust mask as well.

If you are adept at using all the tools needed for marble floor restoration, then there is no reason to call a professional but if you think the project is too much for you to handle, there are marble floor polishing experts who can provide you professional restoration services. After all, marble is a very expensive flooring material and you do not want to damage your floor by doing a haphazard job.

If you are still convinced that you can do the job, you may want to know the general steps in marble floor restoration.

1st Step: The first step is the flattening of the surface of the floor. You are going to have to grind and level the surface to remove any rough spots on the surface of the marble floor. Grinding can also remove stains and scratches from the marble tiles.

2nd Step: Honing is the next step that you do. Honing brings back the smoothness to your marble floor. Professionals use industrial diamonds to hone marble floors but you can use the orbital sander and sandpapers when honing your marble floor at home.

3rd Step: Next, you need to polish the marble floor for that glossy and extra shine finish. By polishing, you can bring out the colors in the marble tiles making them more dramatic and noticeable.

4th Step:  And the last step is to crystallize your marble floor in order to keep the color and restore the brightness of your marble floor.

So if you think you can do your own marble floor restoration, then go ahead but it must be  more convenient on your part, and less costly in the long run, if you allow the experienced and well-trained professionals to deal with your marble floor restoration.

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