How to Polish Terrazzo

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Keeping the terrazzo floor clean can be done simply by just sweeping the floor, however the regular flow of traffic on the terrazzo floor could make the floor dull in no time. In order to make the terrazzo floor look bright and shiny again, you might need to polish it with a good polishing solution. Polish the dull terrazzo floor and then buff it using a neutral cleaner. Do not use acid base chemicals in cleaning the terrazzo because acid can harm its surfaces. Clean any spills right away to prevent permanent marks and discolorations.

Below are some practical tips on how you can polish dull terrazzo floors at home.

  1. With the use of a nice broom, simple sweep the terrazzo floor in a regular basis. Remove any form of dirt or sand and continue sweeping.
  2. Choose a neutral cleaner and mixed with some parts of water. Use a mop and wet the floor gradually. Rinse the terrazzo as needed. If the water you are using become dirty and dark, change the water in the bucket. Then, continue mopping the floor using the new cleaning solution.
  3. Apply some neutral polishing solution and let it sit for several minutes. Do not let the solution dry on the terrazzo surface. According to the professional companies, terrazzo polishing products will surely loosen foreign substances however it need some minutes to work on.
  4. After some minutes, rinse the terrazzo and dry the mop. Use the dry mop and wipe it on the entire surface of the terrazzo floor. This will help remove any excess water or cleaner. Remember, do not polish if the terrazzo floor is still wet or even leave the solution.
  5. Now, get ready to buff the floor. Buffing add top-shine to the terrazzo. You will need a buffing machine. Turn on the machine and run it back and forth over the terrazzo floor. Avoid any gaps, you can overlap in buffing the floor. Make sure that the entire floor has been buffed.
  6. After buffing the terrazzo floor, clean the floor and run a clean dust mop. You will notice big changes from dull to new and shiny terrazzo.

The above tips are simple ways that you can do to save your terrazzo from dulling. However, if the terrazzo in your home are too dull and too difficult for you to handle, it is best to contact a professional terrazzo polishing company.