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Colonial Floor and Stone Care has been the leader in the restoration of terrazzo in South Florida for nearly 3 decades. Customers can count on us for high quality service, professionalism and reliability. Since then the company has added more services to cater to all your floor care needs.

Our company is not called the leader in terrazzo floor restoration for nothing. We are experts when it comes to the repair, cleaning, sealing, grinding and polishing of terrazzo. No other company can do all these better than we do, whether you just want to bring back the shine of your floor or just need some repair work on cracks, chips or holes on your terrazzo.

Colonial Floor and Stone care is also the authority in terrazzo floor cleaning and polishing services. With our attention to detail and the right products, you can be sure that you’ll get only the highest level of cleaning and polishing. We have developed the techniques to enhance the clarity and shine of your floor.

You will need marble floor restoration when your floor has not been polished for a long time and the gloss of the surface has gone. Count on Colonial Floor and Stone Care to give life back to your dull, scuffed and etched floors. We can also repair any area of the floor and make it look like there never was a crack or chip.

Our company understands that although these kinds of floors are tough and long lasting, they also need marble floor cleaning and polishing to keep them looking great. We have all the skills, experience and the equipment to give the high shine that your floor should have. Our highly trained floor specialists can also remove the stains from your precious marble.

To care for your concrete floor, concrete floor polishing is necessary and it does not matter whether the floor is new or old. If your floor has been in service for many years, it will definitely show general wear and pitted areas. You will need polishing to bring back the shine. We can give your floor a mirror finish, even on newly installed concrete floors.

Colonial Stone and Floor Care also offers concrete floor staining services. We can transform your ordinary concrete floor into a work of art. What’s more, our professional floor artisans can do their magic on old or new concrete. We can start on a new slab or replace your existing floor with decorative stained concrete.

Tiles and grout always go together. There is no sense in cleaning one without removing the dirt from the other. Tile and grout cleaning is one of our excellent services and with the right products and techniques, you will see great results in your bathroom, pool or outdoor area.

We also offer Mexican tile cleaning to maintain the appearance of these delicate man-made tiles. It is important to note that these floors need cleaning at least once a year to keep them looking great and make them last for a long time.

Granite floors look great on any house or building but to prolong its life, enhance its luster and improve its overall beauty, granite floor polishing is needed. We have the materials and tools to shine and protect your beautiful and expensive floor.

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