Granite Care

Granite is one of the worlds hardest surfaces is a super tough stone that is formed from volcanic magma. Granite has earned a reputation as a great building stone. It is beautiful and ranges in color making it valued as a design element for any home. It is known for how durable it is especially as a counter top. Made primarily from quartz, it is used in all type of building construction, and today it is used for counter tops vanities in Kitchen and baths. Even though this surface is durable and will last for years to come, Granite, like any natural stone will need to be sealed at least yearly with a non toxic sealer. Like all stone, it is porous and dirt and bacteria can find their way into these pours is it is not sealed. Also like many other natural stone, it will “etch” or scratch easily if acidic liquids or abrasives cleaners are used on it. A routine cleaning for granite is simple. Using a clean wash cloth, clean water and a neutral pH soap daily will keep your granite clean. If liquids, such as citrus juice, or high acidic food is left uncleaned, it will etch the surface. Polishing will be needed to remove the etching that a high acidic liquid or abrasive cleanser will leave on the surface

Just like regular maintenance you would do to your car, your granite will also need to be sealed at least on a yearly basis to keep the beauty of your investment. At Colonial Floor care we will clean, polish and seal your granite to keep your valuable counter top and vanity like new. Call us today and see what Colonial Floor Care can do for your beautiful granite.

Granite Floor Polishing

Granite is an example of stone that possesses a timeless appeal fit for any type of home. Maintenance is stress-free and cost-efficient because granite floor polishing can be acquired from service providers at a very affordable price. Apart from this, quality is nothing compared to DIY methods.[..More]

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