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Terrazzo Care

Ask around and you’ll find that Colonial Floor and Stone Care is THE place to call for Terrazzo Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration. To understand the value, beauty and durability of this flooring, one needs to know a bit about Terrazzo and it’s history.

This is a method of taking off uneven areas in your Terrazzo Top layer of your floor. Bringing a fresh layer to be cleaned When the repairs are complete, each is inspected for match. “Now we begin the refinishing process, grinding the floor with a diamond bonded disk. There are a series of finer and finer sanding disks to remove all scratches and complete the process. Then we move to “final polish” the terrazzo. We use a special powder and polisher that gives the floor a hard glass like finish on a bright floor. With today’s advancements, the floor is easy to maintain. Mop as necessary, using warm water and occasionally with a ‘neutral’ floor cleaner. That is all there is to it.”

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Miami 305-428-2781 ; Ft Lauderdale 954-828-0217 ; Palm Beach 561-288-1749

Terrazzo Floor Installation

Terrazzo Floor Restoration

COLONIAL FLOOR AND STONE CARE specializes in the repairing, grinding, polishing, cleaning and sealing of terrazzo . Whether you are in need of bringing back the shine to your Terrazzo floor or in need of repair from cracking or chipping due to Tile removal and restoration, we will be able to help you with all your terrazzo needs.

Terrazzo Floor Repair

Terrazzo Floor Repair

Terrazzo is a man-made flooring material made of marble or granite. This is set in concrete and polished to achieve that smooth surface, then sealed for protection. Terrazzo is a durable flooring material that is easy to maintain, but over time, you may need a terrazzo floor repair expert to patch up some damage…

Terrazzo Cleaning

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

 Terrazzo is a beautiful stone which is basically made from mixture of marble chips and cement. This kind of stone is also porous when it comes to its characteristics. Using wrong chemicals in cleaning could damage and discolour it. You can clean the terrazzo at home but be sure to use a safe and the most appropriate solution for your terrazzo.

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