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Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Terrazzo is a beautiful stone which is basically made from mixture of marble chips and cement. This kind of stone is also porous when it comes to its characteristics. Using wrong chemicals in cleaning could damage and discolour it. You can clean the terrazzo at home but be sure to use a safe and the most appropriate solution for your terrazzo. It is also very important to read and follow the instructions before using it. It is advisable to use a product with natural pH level.

But if you feel uncomfortable using any cleaning product for terrazzo at home, it would be wise to contact a professional terrazzo floor cleaning company. The professionals have the ability to determine the level of damages as well as to decide with the right action for the job. In addition to that, they can also provide at least the nearest estimation for the costs.

Keep the terrazzo floor clean and free from dirt or sand accumulation. Small substances like these can scratch the shiny surface of the terrazzo. For protection, you can put some rugs at the door entrances also to the places where there are high traffics to preserve the beauty and life of your precious terrazzo floors. Sweeping the terrazzo floors and mopping it could prevent small scratches and etch on it.

Hiring the professional terrazzo floor cleaning service is the best option in dealing terrazzo problems. A professional terrazzo cleaner will strip a thin layer of dead concrete. He or she will expose a fresh layer from the stone thus bringing out a new life for the dull terrazzo. Definitely, this is such a very hard job, it needs latest technology and tools. Professional terrazzo cleaning can really give your dull terrazzo a different look and life.

Furthermore, sealing the terrazzo is also very important. These stones must be treated and sealed using a good sealant product. Through this procedure, the terrazzo will be protected from further stains, etch and discolorations. Sealing is also a long time protection for the terrazzo that lets you save your time, effort and money. If you are thinking about this procedure, simply talk to the professionals and let them handle your terrazzo at home.

There is no doubt that terrazzo are very beautiful material, hence you should always think of the best techniques for them. Simply follow correct cleaning methods in case you are going to conduct do-it-yourself terrazzo cleaning. On the other hand, contact a professional and let them provide cleaning services periodically.

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Miami 305-428-2781 ; Ft Lauderdale 954-828-0217 ; Palm Beach 561-288-1749

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