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Terrazzo Floor Polishing for Old and Lifeless Flooring

If you are looking for flooring that balances aesthetic appeal and durability, then terrazzo is the one for you. This is made from a mixture of glass, marble or other particles, and cement. Most of the time Portland cement is the material used to hold the chips together but polyacrylic modified Portland also works, as well as polyester or epoxy. This flooring does not need much maintenance, but terrazzo floor polishing is necessary to keep it in great shape and make it last.

When you notice that your terrazzo floor looks old and lifeless, other people will see it too and this is not a good impression. Terrazzo is a very unique kind of floor and because of this, it requires extra care and maintenance. Over the counter cleaning products just won’t do the trick. For this reason, it is smarter to hire a terrazzo floor cleaning professional. Otherwise, the original shine of your terrazzo will never be achieved.

To maintain your investment, regular cleaning and polishing has to be done on your terrazzo floor, ideally once a week. Sweep the terrazzo floor in order to remove the dirt and dust. Pick up the debris using a hand vacuum or a dust pan. Use a solution of water and neutral cleanser, making sure to follow the directions indicated in the package. As mentioned earlier, avoid using regular household cleaners, even soap or acid.

Wet the terrazzo using a mop dipped in the solution and leave it on for a few minutes so that the cleanser can loosen all the surface materials. Keep the surface wet; if it starts to dry up, reapply the solution in the same way. While waiting for the cleanser to do the work, clean up the mop by rinsing it with clean water. You can then remove the solution from the floor with the clean mop, wet vacuum or a squeegee. If you prefer the mop, be sure to use it with clean water. While removing the cleaning solution, see to it that the floor is damp. This ensures that the dirt will not stick back to the terrazzo floor. Use clean water to rinse the floor.

Next, apply a neutral water-based sealer designed especially for terrazzo floors, following the directions carefully. Let the floor dry up completely before running an electric buffer. Use long, back and forth, overlapping motions to ensure that each square foot gets thorough buffing. Lastly, clean up the residue and dust with a dust mop. It is easy to see that polishing terrazzo can be a tedious process, not far from terrazzo floor repair.

Indeed, it takes a lot of time and hard work to polish terrazzo. The smarter and more practical move would be to get professional floor care and maintenance to save time and money in the long run. You can also be sure that the results will be much better than what you alone can produce. Terrazzo floor polishing is better left to the pros when you want your floor to be shiny to the fullest.

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