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Tile and Grout Cleaning

First we apply a mild conditioner to the tile surface to begin to loosen all the cleaning products and dirt embedded into the grout that have made your grout lines dark and dirty We then hand scrub all grout lines for maximum cleaning.

Next, we use our patented scrubbing equipment to apply 900 pounds of water pressure at 200 degrees of heat. As the equipment sponge dries the surface, you will see the tile luster and the clean grout lines emerge. After we restore the original color of the grout lines, we can then seal it. This makes maintenance easier.

Our Grout Cleaning Services include…

  • Cleaning the grout
  • Replacing missing grout
  • Sealing the grout
  • Color Sealing – we can match or completely change your existing grout color
  • Stain Removal
  • Replace cracked and broken tiles
  • Replace caulking
  • Increasing slip resistance
  • Commercial – Residential
  • Interior – Exterior

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Miami 305-428-2781 ; Ft Lauderdale 954-828-0217 ; Palm Beach 561-288-1749

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