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Concrete Floor Staining

Concrete stain is widely used to color the concrete especially in a new pour or other applications, such as micro topping to give old, pitted concrete a fresh new surface to add color to for a smooth finish. Staining is just one form of decorative concrete. Concrete stain is a water based stain that will be put onto the concrete and the color pigment will be absorbed into the pours of the concrete to achieved the color wanted for the concrete surface. The color effects with this tend to be more opaque and more uniform however offer an almost infinite array of color choices, allowing you to customize your home to your particular specification

Concrete can be used for, among other things, walls, floors and counter tops that are structurally sound and also provide a decorative finish that resembles polished stone, with less cost for materials. Decorative concrete involves using concrete in roles that are not strictly related to it’s functional elements. Concrete is widely used because of its great strength and now is even used a cost effitive way to do counter tops. Staining concrete floors is an especially creative way to benefit from the durability and decorative possibilities of this material, using new techniques on a surface that has been used for your homes foundation floors.

Concrete Acid Staining

 There are a huge number of decorative concrete applications. They include custom chemical staining (acid staining), decorative scoring, dying and many personal touches. Chemical staining and dying creates a one-of-a-kind floor that cannot be duplicated because each concrete floor will accept stains differently. Each floor is made of a different concrete/stone mix, different aggregate, and differing previous use. These color stains and dyes react with the surface and penetrate — they ARE NOT paints or coatings. When using a acid stain, your floor will be unique, with a variegated look, somewhat marble like. After the acid stain has dried, it will then be coated with a sealer to protect the surface. Leaving the concrete with a beautiful color and shine with minimal maintenance.

Unfortunately, floors that are wavy, need extensive patching, or are extremely porous may not respond well to polishing. Our experienced sales staff will be able to advise you.For a totally smooth monolithic concrete floor (one without the typical concrete “character”) a concrete overlay can be applied. This concrete overlay will also accept stains and dyes and can be polished to a high shine or left at a matte finish.

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